Spiritual Liberation Front

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Small daily updates on my hunger strike

I broke my hunger strike :skull: (May 4, 2023)

Atleast I spread the word and got 150 signatures on my little petition me and my friends made. My friends helped me get most of the signatures since they know more people than I do and my friends are more social than I am. Probably because people's first impressions of my are either autistic or schizo. Damn. Also one of the Admins told me that only the parents at the PTA meeting can change the Dress Code. Damn.

DAY 1 (May 3, 2023)

How unfortunate that I couldn't spread the word of the Spiritual Liberation Front today. My first day of the hunger strike is going well, I shall allow myself to drink water to not get dehydrated. Sad how my parents and grandma doesn't believe in my cause. On top of that, my grandma added that she is repulsed by my black nails and my views. Hard to have a dialouge when your talking to a brick wall. Day one. Successful...? Well I didn't eat so yeah, gotta stay strong and spread the word.