Spiritual Liberation Front

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The Spiritual Liberation Front is a movement that I am started to fight against the bogus school uniform policy that my school (and probably the entirity of the Prince George's County Public Schools) have in place. I and probably many who attend school believe that their school uniform policy is utter garbage! As protest, I shall run this website, wear my regular HUMAN cloths to school, and go on hunger strike. School Uniform is another thing that removes the indivisuality of the student as a person and trains them to obey in the modern slavery system. The event that eventually lead to the creation of this website was when my history teacher THAT NO ONE LIKES told me to leave because of what I was wearing, it was just my purple plaid and my plain white tee and him always telling me to take my favorite hat off, how much does this asshole get paid to do this anyway?

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STRIKE TO THE DEATH! (or near death atleast...)